5 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied During a Power Outage

Hurricane Florence is rapidly approaching and the forecasts do not look particularly encouraging. Power outages are almost inevitable during this period and it is only smart to prepare for one. As we're sure you've already stocked up on batteries and snacks, it's good...

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Getting To Know: Georgetown Road, Raleigh

Nestled in the heart of Raleigh are 3 exciting new construction opportunities for you to call home. 201 Georgetown Road, 203 Georgetown Road, and 203 1/2 Georgetown Road. These GORGEOUS custom built homes offered by Urban Building Solutions are located in Five Points,...

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4 Events Not to Miss This Spring in the Triangle Area

Spring is officially here which means we can stretch out our legs and get moving! Everyone loves being outdoors during the months of April and May due to the lovely weather and beautiful scenes nature has created for us to enjoy. Raleigh, Durham and its surrounding...

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5 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Sleeping Sanctuary

After a long day we all look forward to a little relaxation and a place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the day. Contrary to popular belief this place is NOT your bedroom!! That is what the living room is for. Your bedroom is a space meant for quieting your...

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5 Ways to Incorporate Plants into Your Home Decor

Spring is well on its way and if you’re like me then you’ve probably been itching for green leaves on trees and butterflies dancing in the air. In preparation for Spring I have become rather infatuated with interiors that incorporate plants as a major roll in the...

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