20 Summer Science Experiments for Kids

While school might be out for a few more weeks for summer, we’ve got some fun science experiments up our sleeves to keep your kids learning and exploring until school starts back up! Here in the Raleigh and Wake Forest area, we are so fortunate that we have many science centers available to us and our children. However, in order to keep ourselves and our kids healthy and safe, we wanted to share with you out TOP 20 science experiments to do with your kids and family at home, especially while many museums and science centers are still closed due to the pandemic.

Science experiments are a fun way to teach your kids concepts that are difficult for them to visualize in a fun and interactive way! Many kids love doing science experiments, so we figured we’d put together a list of fun ideas for the rest of the summer, and to keep the fun going well into the fall. These ideas are so easy to do, and there are so many options here no matter what kind of experiment you’re looking for.

Enjoy these 20 fun and exciting science experiments to do with your kids!

  1. Bottle Rockets
  2. Icy Fizzing Letters
  3. Lemonade Oobleck
  4. Ice Volcanoes
  5. Summer Science with a DIY Water Wall
  6. How to Make a Rock
  7. Lego Shadow Towers
  8. Sand Volcano at Home
  9. Solar Oven Smores
  10. Glowing Ice Cubes
  11. Frozen Vinegar
  12. Build a Bug Viewer
  13. Solar Still Experiment
  14. Easy Earthworm Science Experiment
  15. Fizzing Lemonade
  16. Saltwater Desalination Experiment
  17. How to Make a Lava Lamp
  18. Super Fun Fizzing Sidewalk Paint
  19. How to Make a Water Balloon Sink
  20. Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcano