18 Fun Crafts for Kids

Can you believe that we’re working our way towards the end of summer already? School starts soon, if it hasn’t for your kids already, and as that will add a level of routine to our lives, many of us are looking for additional ways for our kids to get creative and express themselves.

I highly recommend these fun 18 crafts! These are great options for the end of summer fun and will lead you well through fall! 


  1. Sea Shell Art 
  2. Sunshine Paper Plate Craft
  3. Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft
  4. Amazing Bubble Painting
  5. DIY Bubble Wand
  6. Mermaid Necklace
  7. Paper Leap Frog Craft
  8. Paper Plate Sun Craft
  9. Homemade Spectroscope
  10. DIY Washable WaterColors For Finger Painting
  11. How to Tie Dye Shirts
  12. Ocean Oobleck for Shark Week
  13. Jellyfish in a Bottle Science Project
  14. Pistachio Dahlias
  15. Chalk Mosaics Art
  16. Simple Tropical Paper Snowflake Bracelet Craft 
  17. Watermelon Painted Rocks
  18. Sponge Boats DIY