5 Family Night Ideas For Summer

The weather is starting to heat up, school is out for the summer, and it’s officially time for some summer fun! If you are looking to use these next few months to spend more time with your family, you’ve come to the right place! We have many excellent family night ideas for summer that will help keep you entertained all summer long! These would work great for your immediate family, or you can use them for family reunion fun or large family gatherings! Here are the best family night ideas for summer!


1. Host a family movie night

Family movie night is probably one of the best ways to spend time together as a family during the summer! But, when we host family movie nights, they go beyond hanging out on the couch! There are many fabulous DIY tutorials to help make your own projector screen outside for a family drive-in experience! Set up a concession stand table inside and then pile onto some blankets and pillows to watch your movie outdoors.


2. Plan some after dark fun

During the summer months, it gets dark a little later, and we tend to stay up a little later as a result! If you are looking for some after dark family fun, you can take advantage of the lack of light with these fun activities. Use glow sticks, create your own glow in the dark bowling, put glow sticks in Easter eggs, make a scavenger hunt, or create your own games to play in the dark.


3. Have a family camp out

If you can’t make it to the campgrounds, don’t let that stop you from camping out as a family! You can still set up camp in your backyard, roast s’ mores over a campfire, and even grill hot dogs and hamburgers! If it’s too hot to camp outside, consider bringing your tent inside and setting up camp in the living room instead.


4. Make dinner as a family

Family dinner is probably the most honored tradition of all! Take it a step further and get everyone involved in making dinner. You can have each member of the family responsible for one part of the dinner or recipe to make it more fun! Let the kids plan the salad or the drinks, and you and your spouse can handle the main course.


5. Make your own treats

There are so many great summer treats to enjoy from popsicles to ice cream sundaes, but making your own is so much sweeter! Consider investing in some popsicle molds or an ice cream maker to take your experience up a notch. If you don’t have either of these, there are plenty of no-churn ice cream recipes, and you can always use Dixie Cups instead of popsicle molds.


If you’re tired of doing the same old thing all summer long, use these ideas to get creative and plan something fun as a family this summer.