Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Summer is a great time of the year to get some maintenance completed on your home from the fall and winter time, and general projects done to spruce up one of the largest investments that you own. I’ve put together a checklist of summer maintenance projects around the house!



Summer is a great time to get outdoor maintenance work done around the house. The weather is going to be the best which will make it easier to get some tasks done like touching up exterior paint. Try to get these projects done during the early part of the day before the temperature has risen very high and the sun is unbearable to be in here in the North Carolina heat. 

  • Paint Touchups
  • Wash the Outside of Windows
  • Pressure Wash the Home
  • Clean Screens
  • Pressure Wash Driveway, Walkways, Decks, and Patios
  • Clean Gutters
  • Inspect Roof for Damage
  • Reseal or Stain Deck
  • Inspect Fence for Repairs
  • Inspect Foundation
  • Trim Bushes and Trees
  • Fertilize Lawn
  • Fix Cracks in Patio or Driveway
  • Check the All-Weather Stripping Around the House
  • Remove Branches Hanging Over Your Roof
  • Check Your Mailbox is Secure
  • Have a shed? Check for holes dug under your shed and inspect the shed roof
  • Check for rust on metal fences, tools, and anything else metal that lives outside



While there isn’t as much maintenance indoors that must be done in one season over another there are still a few things you can do around the inside of your house that are simply easier to do during the summer. This is because not only is there less traffic inside the house during the summer but you can also open up windows without freezing to let smells escape faster. Summertime is also a great time to do any wet jobs around the house like shampooing carpet or polishing the floor because it will dry just a little bit faster.


  • Reverse Ceiling Fans
  • Clean Out Air Filter
  • Washing Machine/Dryer Maintenance
  • Inspect Your Attic and Basement for Pests and Leaks
  • Shampoo Carpets
  • Check the Caulking around Windows and Doors
  • Defrost Freezer
  • Check Carbon Dioxide and Smoke Detectors
  • Clean the Garage and Check for any Pests
  • Flush Water Heater


If you get all of these things done before the start of Fall, you’ll be setting yourself up for a stress-free rest of the year when it comes to home maintenance. These things will also help keep the value of your property up and make it easier to sell in the future should you decide to move.