Hurricane Dorian is approaching our coast and while it’s currently not predicted to make landfall, the impacts will certainly be felt onshore and inland. Power outages are likely during this period and now is a good time to prepare. As you stock up on the necessities, including flashlights, batteries and snacks, it’s good to have a plan in place on keeping the whole family occupied and boredom at bay! Here are some fun ideas to keep your family occupied during a power outage:

1. Assemble an emergency kit
Available knowledge and technology tell us forecasts are reliable but we never truly know how bad things could get. If you had been too busy to put an emergency kit together before the outage, you could make an interesting task out of it with the kids. Send them on a treasure hunt to uncover the items that should be included in the kit and have them bring the items to you. We can bet you’d have enough items to fill a Mini Cooper, and that’s why you’ll be in charge of sorting. Before you get too excited, you should remember items like batteries, torchlight, canned food, scissors, first aid kit, etc. are must-haves. If you want a comprehensive list of what and what not to include in your emergency kit, you could check out this guide from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

2. Read by candlelightor flashlight to keep it safer…
A power outage affords the perfect opportunity to go back in time and do some candlelight (flashlights) reading with some good ‘ol books, magazines, or perhaps a Kindle that was charged ahead of time!

3. Fill your house with glow sticks
Glow sticks are a fun way to light your home during power outages. Just bend the sticks and you can have a bright light for half a day. If you are fine with a dim light, a glow stick could take you through a whole day and a half. The diverse colors, shapes, and sizes make them even more fun. Buy a good number of them and purchase different varieties too. Kids (and adults) should have a field day with them when the light goes out.

4. Socialize
One good thing about trying to keep your family occupied during a power outage is that you’re hardly ever alone. Your next door neighbor is most probably struggling with the same problem. So why not form a mini support group and bring your whole family together to have fun. Staying outdoors may not be the smartest thing to do during a Hurricane-induced power outage. So, you should limit yourselves to indoor activities. The children can stay occupied with board games such as Monopoly, Checkers, charades or any other one that interests them while the adults can talk about adult stuff. The bonding further eases the tension around, and the kids could get to know each other better.

5. Indoor camping
Since the outdoors are not the safest place to be immediately following a hurricane, why not make a camp out of your living room, loft or bonus room? As long as you have flexible space inside your home, this is an option that’s easy to explore. Move around the tables and couches in your living room or bonus room to free up some extra space. Once you have an area that’s large enough, pitch a tent and you’ll be camping right inside your living room. SO FUN!! Tell your kids to grab the pillows, blankets and sleeping bags while you prepare snacks you would normally take to an outdoor event. Complete the camping experience by snuggling under the tent and telling them some scary ghost stories. This sets the stage for memories that your whole family will remember for years to come!

…And there you have it! There are some fun ways to keep the whole family occupied and happy during a power outage. Remember that safety is above all else the main concern during this period. Avoid going out as much as you can and get familiar with hurricane safety tips while having a concrete plan in case of an emergency.

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