Football season is here! Wings are a classic game day recipe, but after a while, the same dull wing recipe can get old. There are a lot of weekends between now and the end of football season, so having a few tasty wing recipes for Game Day is a must! There are so many unique wing flavors and recipes out there, and you can’t go wrong with any of these! No matter what kind of flavor you are craving, there is a wing recipe that will work for you! 

Looking for healthier options?  Don’t fret…many of our recipes are NOT fried and are simply prepared in the oven, slow cooker, air fryer, grill or smoker.     

Here are 25 chicken wing game day recipes to make for your next football tailgate or game viewing party: 

  1. Air Fryer Wings
  2. Sticky Asian Wings
  3. BBQ Chicken Wings
  4. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings
  5. Teriyaki Wings
  6. Chinese Salt and Pepper Wings
  7. Honey Chipotle Wings
  8. Creole Mustard Chicken Wings
  9. Cilantro Lime Wings
  10. Smoked Chicken Wings
  11. Buffalo Wings
  12. Garlic Boneless Buffalo Wings
  13. Honey Soy Chicken Wings
  14. Bourbon Chicken Wings
  15. Garlic Parmesan Wings
  16. Bang Bang Chicken Wings
  17. Lemon Pepper Wings
  18. Sweet Chili Wings
  19. Strawberry Jalapeno Wings
  20. Honey Garlic Chicken Wings
  21. Balsamic Glazed Wings
  22. Tumeric Chicken Wings
  23. Thai Peanut Chicken Wings
  24. Mango Habanero Wings
  25. Sweet and Sour Wings

Try some…try them all!  Don’t forget to come back and tell us which ones are your favorite(s)!  Enjoy!