With ‘Back to School’ season upon us, it’s important to review and refresh our memories about school bus safety. Parents with children who ride the bus to school should take a moment to review the school bus safety rules listed below with their children.

It’s critical for all drivers to take a moment and review the school bus passing laws. Understanding and following the rules makes a huge difference in reducing the amount of accidents and save lives!

School Bus Safety Rules:

✓Always walk on the sidewalk when on the way to the bus stop. If there isn’t one, stay out of the street.
✓While at the bus stop, wait quietly in a safe place away from the road and don’t run or play.
✓Always cross the street in FRONT of the bus. Never go behind it! if you drop something, tell the driver before you move to pick it up.
✓Respect the danger zone by staying ten steps away from the bus and where the driver can see you.
✓Remind students to talk quietly while on the bus so the driver won’t become distracted.
✓Keep the aisles of the school bus clear.

School Bus Passing Laws:

School bus passing laws are strictly enforced and heavily penalized. Penalties for passing a stopped school bus include a $500 fine and an additional four insurance points (which will likely increase insurance rates by 80 percent). It’s imperative that drivers also slow down and obey the posted speed limit in a school zone – a child’s life could depend on it.

Drivers need to remember that…
✓On a two-lane road, all traffic from both directions must stop.
✓On a two-lane road with a center turning lane, all traffic must come to a stop.
✓When on a four-lane road without a median, traffic from both directions has to stop.
✓In the case of a divided highway with four or more lanes, only traffic following the school bus needs to stop.
✓When on a road with four lanes or more with a center turning lane, just traffic following the bus must stop.

Please share these school bus safety tips with your family and friends so our community can be sure to keep everyone safe!