Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT?! With the summer heat in full swing, water fun is a MUST for families and friends! Splash Pads and spraygrounds are popular among families with small children and a great alternative to swimming pools for many families concerned about water safety. These recreational spaces typically feature water-spraying nozzles of various kinds with little or no standing water. Despite the lack of standing water in these spaces, surfaces may be slippery, so you still need to keep safety in mind.

Here are a few tips to ensure splash pad safety:
1. Keep an eye on your kids to make sure they are safe; there is no substitution for supervision.
2. No running, rough-housing or jumping in the splash pad area.
3. Make sure the splash pad that you use treats the water to keep it safe for everyone to enjoy. Untreated water can lead to illness.
4. Bring lots of water to drink. Active kids need a lot of water on a hot day.
5. Tell your little ones not to drink the water, or they might think the nozzles are water fountains.
6. Have your kids use the bathroom frequently and change soiled diapers immediately to cut down on the risk of contamination.
7. Use a chemical free sunscreen and re-apply often.

Ready to beat the heat and see what it’s all about? Here are some local splash pads for you to check out:

Taylor Street Sprayground
416 N Taylor St. | Wake Forest

Hill Ridge Farms
703 Tarboro Road | Youngsville

Holding Park Aquatic Center
133 W. Owen Ave. | Wake Forest
Splash pad and pool

Millbrook Exchange Splash Pad
1905 Spring Forest Rd. | Raleigh
Splash pad and pool