Are you dreaming of sticking your toes in the sand and feeling that amazing ocean breeze? A summer beach trip is one of the best ways to unplug, relax and bond with your family! North Carolina has so many beautiful beaches, so you can’t go wrong with any one you choose.

Packing, however, can be a drag and quite overwhelming! Whether you’re simply going for the day, a weekend or an entire week, you don’t want to forget these beach essentials:

Water resistant sunscreen – be sure to pack plenty!
Bathing suits
Protective clothing (hats and cover ups)
Beach blankets and towels
Beach chairs
Beach umbrella / canopy
Beach cart
Beach toys, boogie boards and beach games
A good book
Mobile phone
Wireless speaker
Battery charging pack and charging cables
Healthy snacks
Cooler with ice for water, beverages and food
Waterproof bag for cell phones and electronic devices
Trash bags
First aid kit (band aids, vinegar for jelly fish stings, peroxide, gauze, first aid wrap, ibuprofen / acetaminophen, benadryl and any necessary medications)
Hand sanitizer
Wipes and napkins

Which beach will you be heading to? Enjoy your time and have fun creating lasting memories for years to come!