When people decide to go green, the hardest part is figuring out where to start. These 8 small steps to going green are a great place to start. Before you know it you will be taking on all kinds of great green living projects in your life!

1. Set up a compost bin to turn your unwanted food scraps, paper waste that can’t be recycled, and grass clippings into fresh compost for your garden.

2. Start recycling as much as you can. Every little bit helps!

3. Get a solar charger for your phone. One of the things we use a lot of energy on is charging items. A portable solar charger for your phone is the easiest way to start the transition to clean energy.

4. Switch to earth-friendly cleaners that don’t pollute the waterways and leave harsh chemicals in the soil.

5. Stop using paper products, or switch to treeless options, for everything from paper towels to tissues. This is a great way to reduce your overall impact. Switch to brands that use bamboo or hemp that can grow faster than trees and help clean the air.

6. Eat as much organic food as you can to reduce your overall footprint of chemicals. Organic fruits and vegetables often have sales when things are in season. Stock up during sales to make eating more organics affordable.

7. Reduce your water usage with a few simple tricks. Fix leaks in your home that are wasting large amounts of water. Don’t run your water while brushing your teeth. Switch to a dishwasher or edit your dishwashing routine to use a little water as possible.

8. Reduce your driving time by opting to skip driving or even just plan your trips to use a little gas as possible. Not only will you save money you will reduce your carbon footprint.