Are you new to Wake Forest? Are you looking for a change in your child’s current education? Is your baby not so little anymore and “big kid” school seems to be lurking around the corner?

Deciding on a school for your child can be a daunting, overwhelming, and time-consuming task. Don’t worry…we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a collection of valuable information regarding school options in Wake Forest just for you…all in one spot!

Wake County Public School System:
Jones Dairy Elementary School
Wake Forest Elementary School
Heritage Elementary School
North Forest Pines Elementary School
Forest Pines Drive Elementary School
Heritage Middle School
Wakefield Middle School
Wake Forest Middle School
Heritage High School
Wakefield High School
Wake Forest High School

Charter Schools:
Endeavor Charter School
Wake Forest Charter Academy
Envision Science Academy
Franklin Academy

Private Schools:
Thales Academy-Wake Forest
Primrose School of Heritage Wake Forest
The Goddard School-Wake Forest

North Wake College and Career Academy

As you peruse these sites and research the best fit for your child and family, consider this list of important factors:

  1. Base school. Each home address is assigned a base school. Use this link to determine what your assignment is (they can change annually). When initially registering your child, you will usually register at the base school first.
  2. Traditional/Year-round/Modified calendar. Check the individual school calendars as they can vary significantly.
  3. Specialty/Focus. Some schools, particularly charter schools, offer a specialized curriculum such as technology/STEM, Montessori, etc…
  4. Learning philosophy. Schools may have a certain style of teaching such as direct instruction or project-based learning (PBL).
  5. Transportation. Charter/private schools do NOT typically provide transportation.
  6. Enrollment. There may be an enrollment period/application process. Charter schools often utilize a lottery system which means that acceptance is NOT guaranteed. Check with each school to learn about the enrollment process.
  7. Average class size. This can vary from school to school and year to year.
  8. Extracurricular activities. Many schools offer clubs, sports, musical groups, etc…
  9. Daily schedules & before/after school care. Check with each school to see its start and end times in addition to any child care that is available both before and after the regular school hours.
  10. Cost. Private schools require yearly tuition. Most private schools offer payment plans, financial aid, and sibling discounts.