After a long day we all look forward to a little relaxation and a place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the day. Contrary to popular belief this place is NOT your bedroom!! That is what the living room is for. Your bedroom is a space meant for quieting your mind and for sleep. Creating a space in your bedroom free of stress and stimulation is key to a tranquil atmosphere that will enable your mind and body to rest and be at ease. Whether you have been feeling frustrated with your sleep space or have simply been unable to sleep and stay asleep lately, these tips will guide you into creating a bedtime oasis and turn your bedroom into a total sleeping sanctuary.


1 – Dim The Lights

Lighting is a very important component in creating a soothing ambiance. Bright light is too intense for pre – sleep relaxation. Avoid harsh overhead or fluorescent lighting and instead opt for table lamps with dimmers or a floor lamp. ( Having lamps in the bedroom without dimmers is like buying a radio without a volume control) You may also consider a warm –  toned Edison bulb for an added cozy effect.


2 – No Electronics

On the occasional nights I find myself tossing and turning I often scroll through Facebook and Instagram in hopes that my eyes will grow weary and I will nod off to Neverland. Well, this I have found, only makes matter worse! Electronic entertainment and information surrounds us every day and is more stimulating and disturbing than relaxing. To achieve true tranquility in your bedroom you must be electronic free. This means no television, no smart phone and no laptop. The goal here is to help your brain recognize that laying in bed means it is time to prepare for rest. Take time to relax with your own thoughts , not the sights and sounds of the media.


3 – Snuggle Up To Soft And Cozy Textures

There is nothing quite like sinking into a plush mattress and being enveloped by soft bedding after a long and tiring day. Splurge a little and invest in a nice mattress and sheets to make you feel comforted and protected throughout the night. Opt for pure, organic bedding. It is not only incredibly soft and natural, but also free of dyes and artificial ingredients that can cause allergies, discomfort and illness. You may also consider adding a rug underneath your bed frame for added softness.


4 –  Feng Shui Your Bed

The placement of your bed is crucial in creating your personal sleep sanctuary. Your bed and your bedroom must have good feng shui in order to support your personal energy. Your bed must maintain the energy of love and healing. That is quite a bit of responsibility for just one piece of furniture!! The best way to achieve this is by finding the “command position” . This is the area furthest and diagonal from the bedroom door but not in line with it. In other words, you want to see the door while laying in bed but not be aligned with the door.


5 – Sleeping Scents

All homes have unique aromas that are specific to them. Smells often subconsciously connect us to moods and memories. These smells may very well be impacting us throughout the night. Introduce calming scents such as lavender that help to promote sleep and well- being. I am an advocate for diffusing oils opposed to burning candles but the choice is totally up to you.


Remember, Your bedroom is a true reflection of who you are. It should provide ultimate comfort and support while being an inviting, special space. Your bedroom is where you begin and end each day, so it is of the utmost importance to make it intimate and personal while maintaining simplicity and tranquility.